AAAID’s Initiative to Contribute to the Provision of Basic Food Commodities
AAAID invites companies and manufacturers to register on the AAAID Online Platform for Food Commodities ( Companies willing to participate are to submit updated information of the food products available for export or the products they wish to import according to the following list of agricultural commodities: wheat, rice, maize, vegetable oils( raw and refined), sugar (raw and refined),red meat, poultry meat, fish, table eggs, dairy and its derivatives, fruits(oranges, apples, bananas), vegetables (potatoes, onions, tomatoes). Through this platform, AAAID aims to coordinate with its affiliate companies and partner establishments in the field of agriculture for the provision of the demand for basic food products in Arab countries. The platform is one of AAAID's procedures to confront the risk of a “shortage of food supplies in Arab countries."

To register and participate on AAAID's Platform, click below link